Tootin' Our Own Horn

Birthed from the underground, Oginalii has been hashing out their chops in warehouses and honky-tonks alike for the past 5 years throughout the Nashville scene. 
American Songwriter wrote that “Through their diverse array of influences and song styles, the girls have begun to compose something much more than just music; rather, a culture of fresh sounds and songwriting that really represents and reflects that New Nashville sound.” 
Culture. Usually the first thing to die in a city that grows as fast as this one, yet there is still a deeply rooted scene of real art and music that is growing by the day. Oginalii is right there at the center of it with her friends collaborating together to create a patch-work of sounds and sights. From the glitter floored mosh pits of MealTicket, to a Misfits cover encore at Basement East’s Best of the New Face Night, Oginalii is coming alive. 
Oginalii literally is defined as “my friend” in the Cherokee language, because collaboration with friends through social exploration is what has made this band have a sound not just worth listening to, but watching.
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