Sometimes other people say shit about us.

Huffington Post
- "Oginalii’s [single] “Red,” [is] a bombastic Dead Weather-meets-Elle King cut from the band’s recent self-titled EP. "
- "The two have a strong desire to shed the 'girl band' label and all the pigeon-holing that comes with it. 'We believe in rock & roll,' says Hoeflinger, 'but we don’t believe in the gender roles it assigns.' The video for “Red”—during which Oginalii guitarist Sam Hunt’s leisurely stroll through suburbia leads to a night of gender-bending rock mayhem—was their way of challenging the patriarchal nature of rock & roll. "

American Songwriter
 - "Through their diverse array of influences and song styles, the girls have begun to compose something much more than just music; rather, a culture of fresh sounds and songwriting that really represents and reflects that New Nashville sound. " Music Blog
"The band isn't looking to prove anything to anybody; they're creating a brash and necessary rock aesthetic that strips the fat and waste away from classic rock's skeleton, leaving the sinews and lean muscle behind."

No Country For New Nashville
"Oginalli seems poised to take on some really interesting opportunities in the future, and we have no doubt they’ll find some success here in Music City. If you come out tonight, you can brag to your friends about how that you saw this awesome rock act back when they were still playing The End."
" [they have] rich vocal melodies and intricate songwriting"

The Billy Block Show
Monthly Magazine feature. Scan of magazine page below:
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